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Give us a shot today we are the only true Old-school Barber Shop in Metro Detroit. With 2 barber shop near me locations we will be able to give you a classic service that you are looking for. When you are looking for a barber shop near me you need to look for the right type of barber and the right feel for a shop that fits your style of haircut. We have over 30 barbers on staff that will give you the classic or new hair style look that you are going for.

barber shop near me

Detroit Barber Company - Barber Shop Near Me

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Barber Shop Near Me - Ferndale Barber shop Location -

23236 Woodward Ferndale Mi 48220 - Book Barber

Open - 7 Days a week

Barber Shop Open Sunday

Ferndale Barber Shop Phone - 248-929-5959

Barber Shop Near Me - Detroit Barber shop Location -

2000 Michigan Ave Detroit Mi 48216 - Book Barber

Open - 7 Days a week

Barber Shop Open Sunday

Detroit Barber Shop Phone - 313-284-4100

barbershop near me


 Barber Near My Location


 Looking for a great barber shop near me? We have 2 Barber Shop Locations in Metro Detroit Near Me. We have one barber shop in Detroit on 200 Michigan Ave, Detroit. We also have another Barber Shop Location at 23236 Woodward in Ferndale Mi. Stop in at either of our barber shop locations today and check them out.

Voted #1 Barber shop near me in Metro Detroit!

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