Beard Styles

beard styles

Men’s beard styles have been trending in 2018, and that means guys are looking for the best beard designs and shapes for their short and long facial hair. But given the many different types of beards and the various ways to style and shape a beard, the real challenge can sometimes be choosing the right beard cuts and looks for your face shape. Fortunately for you, there have never been so many nice beards to try! From stubble to thick, full beards, there are unlimited short and long beard styles to get this year.

Top Beard Styles of 2018

If you’re looking to experiment with new beard grooming styles and need some cool beard ideas you’ll love, check out the best beards below! And if you’re just now figuring out how to grow a beard, then you’ll definitely feel inspired by these sexy man beards.

How To Maintain your Beard Style

Stubble might be low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it’s no-maintenance. To keep it on point requires regular trimming and conditioning with either a beard oil or beard balm.


  • To keep stubble at the optimum length, use a beard trimmer on a 3-4 mm setting. Remove the guard or use a precision attachment to remove any hair from the cheeks or below the Adam’s apple.

  • The pattern of your stubble may be unique to your face, but you can change the shape of that face by contouring the stubble. Known as ‘beartouring’ (beard contouring) it’s the perfect way to play around with proportions. To elongate a round face, take a tip from Drake and shave away the stubble in the lower cheek area, so the beard line appears lower. Graduate the length of the stubble below the jawline to soften the look and strengthen the jaw.

  • Minimise the risk of painful ingrown hairs by exfoliating skin and keeping the beard clean with a good beard wash also use agood face scrub twice a week, paying particular attention to the area around the neck. This is especially important for guys with afro or naturally curly hair, which often grows back upon itself in the early stages.

beard styles

Long Beard Styles

The following long, full beard styles are for men who want to grow and style a thick beard that exudes manliness.

mens beard style picture

Slick Back Hair + Fade + Full Bushy Beard

beard picture men

Hard Part Comb Over Fade + Beard and Hipster Mustache

beard pic

Messy Medium Length Hair + Handlebar Mustache + Thick Beard

beard style picture

Brushed Up Hair + Low Fade + Soft Beard

beard man

Thick, Long Beard

long beard style

Long Comb Over + Full Beard

barber beard care

Brushed Back Hair + Beard

beard styles

Sleek Side Part + Cool Beard Shape

beard mens styles

Short Beard Styles

Now these short beard styles are ideal for men who want to keep their facial hair neat, trimmed, and professional – perfect for any business environment or social outing.

Short Sides + Long Fringe + Trimmed Beard

short beard styles

Low Bald Fade + Textured Slick Back + Stubble Beard

short beard

Bald Fade + Short Textured Top + Clean Beard Design

short beard style men


Beard Styles