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Kids Haircuts in metro Detroit are hard to find but we specialize in kids haircuts at Detroit Barbers. Kids haircuts need to be a place that is fun and warm and inviting. 

Kids Haircut Places 

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Open 7 days a week we are the best spot to get a kids haircut in metro Detroit. Book your kids haircut online now.

Kids Barber

kids haircut near me

We are a Magical Fun Place for kids and a place moms and dads trust for great barber haircut. Kids love going to Detroit barber co because there's so much to see and do, and parents feel great knowing their children are in good hands with our talented barbers that love kids, our barbers are kid-focused. At Detroit barber co, we are big kids so its easy for us to be involved so everything in our barbershop is designed to make kids enjoy the barber experience and have fun. It's a place you and your child will love to experience again and again. When you're ready, so are we.