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Men don’t often think about taking care of their skin, but Detroit Barbers is changing that with their facial services. Located in Birmingham, Michigan, Detroit Barbers is known for its barber shop services and now they are offering men’s facials. Give your face the attention it deserves and get ready to enjoy smooth, hydrated, and healthy skin with a facial at Detroit Barbers.

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The Benefits of Men’s Facials
At Detroit Barbers, we know that men need facials just as much as women do. Our facial service will help you to look and feel better by eliminating dead skin cells while also helping to reduce breakouts. The deep-cleansing process also helps to unclog pores so that your skin can breathe easier and stay healthier longer. A facial from us will also give you a deeper shave when you go home because it removes any ingrown hairs that might be under the surface of your skin.


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Whether you’re looking for a trim or just want to pamper yourself with a luxurious facial service for men - visit Detroit Barbers today! We specialize in providing excellent barber shop services plus top-notch facials that will leave your face feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Enjoy quality service from experienced professionals who understand the needs of men in Birmingham - come experience the difference at Detroit Barbers!


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