Things to do in Detroit

Detroit is a destination for everyone that loves history, with a ton of to do's no matter your interest or tastes are. Detroit Offers something for everyone - check out our list below of some of our favorite things to do in Detroit during your visit.

things to do in detroit



What is going on in Detroit


 25 Must See Detroit Attractions

Discover 25 Cool & Unusual Things to Do in Detroit, Michigan


detroit attractions

    Detroit Barber Co: LOL
    Detroit Masonic Temple:
    Detroit Public Library:
    Belle Isle Conservatory:
    Detroit Historical Museum:
    Henry Ford Museum:
    Greenfield Village:
    Museum of African-American History:
    Pewabic Pottery:
    Motown Museum:
    Renaissance Centre:
    Henry Ford Estate:
    Comerica Park:
    Detroit Institute of Arts:
    Detroit Antique Mall:
    Morley Candy Factory:
    Detroit New Centre Park:
    MBAD African Bead Museum:
    Arab American National Museum:
    Automotive Hall of Fame:
    Belle Isle Aquarium:
    Detroit Zoo:
    Diamand Jack, Detroit:
    Detroit Coney Dog:



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